An early masterpiece

With its sculptural design, light weight and exceptional seating comfort the Tripolina is considered the precursor of the Hardoy Butterfly Chair. For the first time presented to the public in 1904 at an exhibition in Saint Louis, the chair became quickly popular.


The chair and an associated camp stool were designed in 1855 by the British industrialist Joseph B. Fenby and patented in 1877 in England (1881 in the United States, respectively). The J. B. Fenby Co. first manufactured the design but did not commercialize the chair and went bankrupt by late 1879. After the Tripolina’s appearance at the Saint Louis trade show in 1904, the design was licensed to French and Italian manufacturers and to Gold Medal Inc. in Wisconsin, USA, a company that produced military, camping and resort furniture in the early 20th century. It was sold at retail by famed outfitting company Abercrombie and Fitch of New York. The Fenby Chair became widely known in Europe as an officer’s chair but also as a safari or beach chair. Used by the U.S and British armies, the Fenby Chair was also used by the Italian army in the 30′s during its campaigns in Lybia where the chair became known as the “Tripolina Chair”.

Flexible handling, unprecedented comfort, iconic design

The original frames were made of wood and metal with a canvas or leather seat sling. They folded quickly and stored compactly. In addition to its light weight, comfort and portability it was was regarded as an early example of design excellence. Notable users of the Tripolina include Theodore Roosevelt, Thomas A. Edison and renowned wildlife biologist Aldo Leopold, and many officers, safari hunters, explorers, and adventurers worldwide.


WEINBAUM has refined the original design of the Tripolina Chair and uses for its production only premium materials. The Holstein cattle that is held at selected estancias throughout the provinces of Córdoba and Santa Fe feed during their two-year life exclusively on grass; meat and bone meal was outlawed decades ago. Untreated, all year round usable pastures and exceptional freedom (two cattle share a hectare of land) provide more than 3,000 calves, cows and bulls at our partner companies with excellent conditions. The result: Exceptionally durable covers whose soft touch will inspire you every day anew.

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