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Porcelain: Patchwork carpet from white neckleather

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Leather carpets from our Natural colors collection combine the best of nature and create a unique, sustainable living experience.

uses 4 mm thick cowhide of Italian origin to manufacture its leather carpets. Their robust surface offers exceptional durability even with heavy use, the base reinforced with an exclusive non-slip underlay gives all pieces the character of a cushion. Possible areas of application include not only living rooms and bedrooms but also hallways and cloakrooms. A rule: the more space the carpet is given to unfold the stronger its natural appearance. If you wish to customize your carpet, we will gladly send you pictures prior to production.

* Dimensions: W 60 cm, L 120 cm; each patch measures about 10 x 10 or 20 x 20 cm depending on your selection
* Weight: 1,250 g
* Racial and processing: Neck leather from Hereford cattle (thickness: 4 mm; origin: Italy), odorless, natural appearance with coarse-grained structure
* Back reinforced with durable non-slip rug underlay (Stamfix® by härdi), ensures firm floor contact and gives all models the characater of a cushion, certified according to ÖkoText Standard 100
* Patches sewn with robust yarn by the Bavarian manufacturer Kupfer
* Seam along the outer edge with discrete and exceptionally sturdy twine

Too small, too large or not the right shape? Design your custom-made carpet! We manufacture each model according to your personal wishes. For further information please call us anytime or send us an email.

Care instructions: Leather carpets are easy to clean. Dry dirt can be removed by hand or with a small brush; heavy contaminants can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

Please note that your ordered item is handmade and may therefore differ from the above pattern.

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S (60 x 120 cm)
10 x 10 cm