Award-winning design and search of excellence

Award-winning design and search of excellence

Our furniture is manufactured in the heart of Germany - from the robust seat cover to the filigree welded steel frame. Experience, expertise and attention to detail ensure the adherence to modern production standards. Award-winning developments complement our portfolio on a continuous basis.



The material for our seat covers is imported from selected cattle breeders of the Argentine provinces of Córdoba and Santa Fe. After their arrival, we subject the leather and cowhides in a first step of an elaborate quality control. If surface finish, tensile strength and optics meet our demands, the skin is cut into four parts. The four pieces are then joined together by means of a so-called piping stitching. This seam is made in advance, acts as liaison between the four parts and gives the cover exceptional strength and elasticity. Following that, the cover is framed with a leather strap. To this end, we sharpen the leather in advance to sew up the frame of the cover accurately and without quality losses.

On request, we complement your cover on the back with a quality and matching canvas. Thereto the four parts of the cover are sutured coincidently with the respective front and then - as described above - combined to form a cover.

Twelve Steps, one goal: First-class seating comfort

For the production of our Hardoy Butterfly Chairs, we only use brushed stainless steel frame that can be powder coated on request with one of 200 available colors from the RAL-range (extra charge: 95 €). In a first step, four tubes are cut into two pieces for the upper (back) and the lower part (foot section) of the frame. In accordance with predefined angles, they are then bent at the four spots that support the seat cover.



Following that, we weld back and foot section to two frames and connect them exactly to each other at their points of intersection. Based on the design of Ferrari-Hardoy, we provide the upper supporting spots with a folding angle of 7°, so as to allow an ergonomic and comfortable sitting position. Eventually, the welds are ground and polished; the frames are subjected a final quality and stability control.

The chair is now ready to be delivered. Its complex architecture, perfect workmanship and timeless charm have been inspiring generations of design lovers - soon maybe you too?