Consulting and contract furnishing

Consulting and contract furnishing

The scope of our work is as varied as your needs. Therefore, our team develops in intensive discussions tailored solutions - whether for your office, a restaurant, your home or a shop.



The focus of our presentations is on the Hardoy Butterfly Chair and WEINBAUM’s recent developments such as the Butterfly TWIN CHAIR. Designed originally by Argentinean architects, the chair breathes the spirit of the late Bauhaus era and provides any space with the charm of an Estancia. In addition to this, we integrate custom-made rugs and handcrafted accessories into our planning. On this page you will get familiar with the focus of our interior solutions. In recent months, WEINBAUM realized works for the fashion label Mexx and a luxury resort in the Bavarian Alps.

Office spaces: In many cases, employees spend more time at work than at home. Therefore, WEINBAUM outlines in detailed discussions all relevant features of a pleasant and motivating office environment. Such aspects comprise a careful selection of furniture, a well-balanced use of artificial and natural light as well as the creation of a pleasant acoustics.

Conference and training facilities: A motivating event space enhances employees’ performance. Therefore, our furnishing solutions aim at enabling an efficient transfer of knowledge. With the right choice of furniture, the coordinated use of light and a functional integration of technical equipment we ensure moderators are motivated, listeners are attentive and your events are successful.


Restaurants and shops: Do you want to make sure your customers keep you in good memory? Then we are the right partner because our furnishing solutions create authentic atmospheres, produce inspiring moods and provide your business with a valuable impulse. Our team looks forward to receiving your call!

Reception, lobby and lounge facilities:Any entrepreneur is aware of the importance of a welcoming reception as “there is no second chance for the first impression”. At WEINBAUM we therefore develop valuable ideas that help reconcile the entrance area of your business with its positioning at the market. We pay particular attention to a smooth integration of all reception-related functions such as the help desk, post office, and the lobby.


The latter can provide a perfect setting for a relaxed communication among employees or with customers. When planned carefully, lobby and lounge areas replace formal meetings, telephone calls or e-mails and thus contribute to a positive, motivating work atmosphere.