Who are we


WEINBAUMS, founded 2012 by Bárbara Giménez Weinbaum, creates, manufactures and markets contemporary design furniture.


Chairs, sofas and stools by WEINBAUMS combine technical perfection with timeless elegance. All pieces are crafted from the finest Argentinean leathers and cowhides for long-lasting comfort. Under the label FLOOR + WALL we manufacture custom made quality patchwork rugs – according to your wishes and specifications.

Born in 1977 (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Bárbara completed her studies at the prestigious Madrid School of Architecture in 2003. After holding several positions in international planning offices, she moved to Germany and founded subsequently WEINBAUMS. Bárbara returned to Spain in early 2019 and since then has been managing the company with her spouse. 

Commitment to the Original

Since its establishment, WEINBAUMS has been committed to the production of premium carpets and furniture. All pieces are made with passion and love to detail, each item tells its very own story. We use only quality materials that guarantee the exceptional durability and timeless elegance of our products. For example, the cattle (Holstein, Hereford and Shorthorn) that is held at selected estancias throughout the provinces of Córdoba and Santa Fe feed during their two-year life exclusively on grass; meat and bone meal was outlawed decades ago. Untreated, all year round usable pastures and exceptional freedom (two cattle share a hectare of land) provide more than 3,000 calves, cows and bulls at our partner companies with excellent conditions. Together with its suppliers, WEINBAUMS promotes the preservation of natural resources. Accordingly, 3% of our revenues are used for a conversion program for pasture in northern Argentina.

Fair trade and protection of the environment

At WEINBAUMS we offer carefully crafted furniture from exclusive leathers and cowhides. Intermediate products are acquired from experienced and established local tanneries to comply with international environmental standards (e.g. waiver of chrome tanning).

Get to know our company on these pages! We are happy to provide further information on our products, their features and workmanship. If you want to convince yourself beforehand by the exclusivity of our materials, we will be happy to send a sample of leathers or cowhides. We look forward to receiving your mail: service@weinbaums.com