Bolster for Hardoy Butterfly Chair leather coffee brown

Bolster for Hardoy Butterfly Chair leather coffee brown

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People in search for rest and calm will appreciate our bolster. The quality filling by the German manufacturer Schomerus guarantees exceptional grip, the leather we use for the cover adjusts to head and shoulders smoothly. Special feature: The role can be adjusted alongside a total height of 15 cm to any desired position.

* Design: Giménez Weinbaum; Frankfurt am Main 2012
* Dimensions: W 35 cm, H 12 cm, D 6 cm (ORIGINAL version) and W 40 cm, H 14 cm, D 7 cm (GRAND COMFORT)
* Weight: 950 g and 1,100 g, respectively
* Suspension: adjustable
* Upholstery: contaminant-free foam by the Germany-based manufacturer Schomerus
* Racial and processing: Holstein ("coffee brown", cattle bare neck, thickness: 3.5 mm, origin: Argentina), handmade and hand-picked, odorless, first-class quality without noticeable scars
* available colors: in addition to coffee brown in honey brown, tobacco brown, black and white

Care instructions: Leather is easy to clean. Thus, dry dirt by hand or with a small brush to eliminate, more impurities are best removed with a damp cloth.

Please note that your ordered item is handmade and may therefore differ slightly from the above pattern.

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