Butterfly TWIN CHAIR leather white

Butterfly TWIN CHAIR leather white

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Following the work of Patricia Urquiola and Eduardo Chillida, Bárbara Giménez Weinbaum has reinterpreted one of the most influential design classics of the 20th Century. As a former student of the Madrid School of Architecture, Weinbaum has expanded the sculptural forms of the Hardoy Butterfly Chair and translated them into a sofa. Based on the draft by Bonet, Kurchan and Ferrari-Hardoy, the resulting two-seater picks up the harmonious geometry of the original design and offers exceptional seating comfort. It is a timeless eye-catcher and aesthetic sofa in one.

Giménez Weinbaum has been studying the design guidelines of the Hardoy Butterfly Chair since the year 2012, our company manufactures the chair in the greatest possible accordance with the original model (1938, Buenos Aires). Based on our in-depth discussion with the history of the design, we have applied the concept of repetition to the chair and expanded its original dimensions by one seat.

The Butterfly TWIN CHAIR is produced with premium materials. The Holstein cattle that is held at selected estancias throughout the provinces of Córdoba and Santa Fe feed during their two-year life exclusively on grass; meat and bone meal was outlawed decades ago. Untreated, all year round usable pastures and exceptional freedom (two cattle share a hectare of land) provide more than 3,000 calves, cows and bulls at our partner companies with excellent conditions. The result: Exceptionally durable leather whose soft touch will inspire you every day anew. The sofa comes with a brushed, at six intersections welded frame of stainless steel. To emphasize its exceptional seating comfort, the cover is exclusively manufactured from vegetable tanned leather from cattle bare neck of the above-mentioned breed Holstein.

Like all of our pieces is also the Butterfly TWIN CHAIR exclusively manufactured in Spain. Reduced dimensions and its light weight permit flexible use in the office, at home or in public spaces.

* Design: Bárbara Giménez Weinbaum, Leipzig 2012
* Dimensions: W 132 cm, H 89 cm, D 80 cm, Seat height 38 cm
* Weight: 11,250 g
* Frame: brushed stainless steel
* Racial and processing: Holstein ("white", cattle bare neck, thickness: 3.5 mm, origin: Argentina), handmade and hand-picked, odorless, first-class quality without noticeable scars
* available colors: in addition to white in honey brown, tobacco brown, coffee brown and black
* Made in Leipzig, Germany
* Awards: red dot design award winner 2013, nominee to the German Design Award 2015, winner of the
A' Design Award 2017

Care instructions: Leather covers are easy to clean. Dry dirt can be removed by hand or with a small brush; heavy contaminants can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

Please note that your ordered item is handmade and may therefore differ slightly from the above pattern.

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